A Developer's Guide: Learning Map for Containers

A collection of links and resources to help you learn containers in the visual form of learning journey.

A Developer's Guide: Learning Map for Containers
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Container is an approach in modern application development that helps developers to package and deploy applications easier. With containers, we can have predictable and consistent applications in different environments.

One common question, I often got at some conference events or community meetups, to my inbox in LinkedIn and Twitter are: How to get started with containers? or Where do I start to learn containers?.

Learning map — which I named as “Developer's Guide” — is my answer that hopefully helps you to learn containers. Together with AWS Developer Advocate for Container Service (Amazon ECS), Nathan Peck, we built a learning map that contains a collection of links from various resources on the internet.

Scroll down to go to the learning map. Otherwise, read the introduction below.

How to use “Developer's Guide”?

When you look at the top part of the Developer's Guide, there are 3 main things. First is “Start Here”, second is “Learn The Concepts” and last is “Do Hands-on”.

Start Here is as clear as the title suggests, it signifies the first thing you need to learn. This section also gives you the boundaries to linearly learn about a topic.

Learn The Concepts is a collection of fundamental concepts that are in line with the linear journey of Start Here. Here is a collection of links that can help you learn fundamental concepts.

Do Hands-on is a collection of tutorials that will provide you information to try out concepts you have understood in the Learn The Concepts section. This section is a forcing function for you to try implementing concepts with hands-on in the form of tutorials or workshops.

You can click each component (box) with the icon 🔗, and it will open a new tab browser.

I hope you enjoy Developer's Guide, and if you have questions or topic requests for Developer's Guide, please leave a comment below, or drop me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Happy building 🤘🏻


P.s. If it's too small for you, you can try to zoom in. I still need to learn CSS. 🥳

Learning Map for Containers

Developer Guide Start Here Learn The Concepts Do Hands-on I'm new to containers. How do I start? Learn basic concepts of containers 🔗 Containers vs Virtual Machines Source: atlassian.com 🔗 Docker overview Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 What are containers? Source: netapp.com 🔗 History of Containers Source: d2iq.com 🔗 A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology Source: developers.redhat.com 🔗 What is Docker and why is it so darn popular? Source: zdnet.com Learn how to build and run container image 🔗 Get started with Docker Compose Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Learn Dockerfile Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Creating containers from scratch Source: youtube.com 🔗 Best practices for writing Dockerfiles Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Get Docker Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 A beginner's guide to Docker How to create your first Docker application Source: freecodecamp.org 🔗 Use multi-stage builds Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Leverage multi-CPU architecture support Source: docs.docker.com How to manage data and define multiple services 🔗 Run multiple services in a container Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Manage data in Docker Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Use volumes Source: docs.docker.com 🔗 Persist the DB Source: docs.docker.com Using tools to accelerate containers development 🔗 How to Create Your Own Docker Base Images From Scratch Source: howtogeek.com 🔗 Trivy Source: github.com 🔗 'Distroless' Container Images Source: github.com 🔗 DockerSlim Source: github.com 🔗 Podman Source: podman.io 🔗 Dive Source: github.com 🔗 Hadolint Source: github.com 🔗 Snyk Source: snyk.io This stage is optional and presented here to help you accelerate your containers development using available tools. Pushing to container image repository 🔗 Docker Hub Source: hub.docker.com 🔗 Amazon Elastic Container Registry Source: docs.aws.amazon.com Learn about container orchestrator 🔗 What is container orchestration? Source: newrelic.com 🔗 What is container orchestration? Source: redhat.com Learn services to deploy container apps on AWS 🔗 Deploy a Container Web APP on Amazon ECS Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 Amazon Elastic Container Service fea tures Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 Container services in Amazon Lightsa il Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 Deploy a Container Web App on Amazon Lightsail Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 Deploy a Web App Using AWS App Runner Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 Elastic Beanstalk tutorial Let's dig deeper into the AWS (1/2) Source: tsh.io 🔗 Deploy a Container Web App on Amazon EKS Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 AWS App Runner features Source: aws.amazon.com 🔗 AWS Elastic Beanstalk Using the Docker Platform Branch Source: docs.aws.amazon.com 🔗 Amazon EKS features Source: aws.amazon.com Learn DevOps - Available soon Topic: Learning Containers on AWS Version: 1.0 Last update: 1 July 2022 🔗 For interactive HTML https://guide.donnie.id According to Donnie Prakoso Sr. Developer Advocate, ASEAN AWS Nathan Peck Developer Avocado for Container Serv ices AWS